Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hands Cold

*Trigger warning*

.all after me find would nobody Maybe .mind my entered thought scarier a Then .direction every in out reached hands Cold .arms grew head my above demons The .consciousness lose to began I and again head my kicked Someone .legs my between warm and dry something felt I “.Mauled Found Girl Montana” or “Woods Montana in Found Girl Young of Body” Perhaps ?say news the would What ?happened what out found they when me of think they would What .parents my about think to began I .me over all hands Cold .jeans my of zipper the with fiddled Someone

“.good bloody her got, her got Whatever” .say would he “,shame a It’s”

.bruised and bloodied, day next the body my found they when think would police the what imagined I .blurred vision My .temple my to kick good a gave Another .side left my kicked and laughed them of One .us to up caught friends His .hands cold by muted was that scream helpless, desperate A .screamed I

“.first fun little a have gonna We’re ?to off running you are Where?” ,ear my into snarled He .strong too was he but, him beneath struggled I .heartbeat wild my of rhythm the matched breathing heavy His .apart legs my force to knee one using ,head my above arms my pinned He .friends his to screamed He “!her got I”

.mine of top on body his forced and ground the onto me threw he as lips my escaped sound pathetic A .out cried I and hair my grab hand a felt I .mine mimicking ,me behind right were they until closer and closer drew footsteps His .me to up catching was them of One

?road the was hell the Where .anything see barely could I .demons black into morphed trees The .feet my under crunched Leaves .forest dark the through ran I as soreness crushing with burned lungs My .Anyone .someone find and road the to Get .more little a Just .going keep to myself pushed I and, name my shouting someone heard I .steps heavy their magnify to seemed forest the of silence The .me behind running them hear could I

© Erin Siu / Photo source