Looking to fine-tune your manuscript before submitting to agents and publishers? I offer a range of editing services to help refine your writing and get your story into its best shape.

Manuscript critiques

For authors who are looking for initial feedback and guidance, a manuscript critique analyzes your book's structure, writing style, and market fit. This service does not include edits to the text or sketch dummy itself, but it will give you a good starting point to work on your next draft.

Developmental edits

For authors who have already gotten feedback on a first draft, a developmental edit assesses your story's voice, structure, pacing, characters, and overall marketability in full detail alongside edits to your text. This service includes an initial edit followed by a review of one additional draft.

Authenticity reads

I provide sensitivity and authenticity reads, specializing in Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese-American culture, history, and experience, opera and classical piano and choir, multilingualism, Tae Kwon Do, family trauma, mental health, and caregiving. This service includes an assessment of your manuscript to flag possible misrepresentation and bias. 

Please reach out to to get in touch about rates.